The Sway

$100.00 every 2 months

The Sway’s bi-monthly pleasure package subscription is the perfect, hassle-free way to keep your sex life on its toes.

Think of it as a gym membership, for your relationship – with carefully curated themed boxes of products and prompts arriving every other month.

All Sway subscription boxes promote exploration, discovery and communication – all whilst introducing you to brands, products and themes you may never have explored otherwise.

The Sway realise that you may not know what you’re into and ‘trying things out’ can be hard. That’s why every box is created and curated around a different theme – think sensual massage or light tease for example. Each Sway box brings with it a new experience, helping both partners work out what each other are into, and what they may not be into.

Every Sway box is accompanied by cleverly designed prompts, created to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.



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Give it a go with a pleasure package every other month

Cancel after 3 boxes (6 months from joining).


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